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Mobile Drug Testing makes drug and alcohol testing far more convenient, efficient, and cost effective. We specialize in onsite testing, providing our services discreetly at your location and on your schedule.

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Mobile Drug Testing is hiring independent contractor drug testing collectors in major cities around the country!

We are looking for self-starting capable people who would like to perform drug tests for existing and future clients on a contract basis full or part time.  The set up fees can be very minimal and we offer the necessary certification at extremely discounted rates if you are not already certified.  There is room to grow in our company and we have programs to expand your area through our sales efforts.  As an independent contractor you will own your own business and set your own hours.  You decide how much or little you want to work and when.  

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself?  Have you ever wanted to be able to work a flexible schedule and have total control over your income and job? Are you stumped by the extravagant costs associated with starting a business?

We know that owning a large business is not for everyone.  For some very qualified people the upfront expenses are prohibitive, and for some there is a desire to own a smaller business with less responsibility, and even more independence, but tons of potential.  Or maybe the sales aspect of owning a business is just not appealing. For these reasons we have developed our branded collector program!  With this program you purchase exactly the componants that you would like to have in your business, and we take the responsibility for hiring and supporting sales staff in your area to drive clients for you to test! 

We work together to build a recession-proof drug testing business!


  • You can be added to our website and location list with our toll free national number for greater exposure
  •  You can get an email address
  •  You can have access to purchase professionally produced and proven marketing materials to help build the area even faster!
  • You can add componants to your business as you choose and when you are ready.
  •  You can purchase supplies including DOT required Evidentiary Breath Alcohol Testing instrument through us at bulk prices
  •  You can purchase discounted training and certifications (and recertifications!) through us.
  • You can choose to use our name and logo for better branding and exposure or you can use your own
  • You will be on the first-call list for all the tests that come in to  your area
  •  You can use our lab accounts and chemist support for all your testing.  Even other accounts!
  • We will pay YOU for testing!  We never pay less than $25 per hour; and most often much more.  Each test only takes about 5-7 minutes on average to perform and supply costs are extremely minimal.

What next?

To request an application Click here  and we can also answer any questions you might have.  Fill it out or email a resume to:

Once your application is approved we will plan a time to go over all of the procedures for any training and certifications you need, ordering and supplies, as well as to get you all of your digital materials to get you started!


We look forward to working with you!

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